Hi there,

Finally got to get most of the website up and running, please be a little more patient, some small things might need changing etc. Thought it would be fun to have a blogg where we can share more abit more regularly, whether its news pictures videos or just keeping in touch with each other. Email me your mail address to join in
web1@rombohojden.se. Can also fix mail address to anyone that wants @rombohojden.se

If you click on bilder there is a link to a picture gallery you can upload any pictures you want from gatherings or other interesting events around here, just give the album a name. Always great to share pictures smiley

We can also use this as a way of keeping all in touch with upcoming events, finally sorry for the delay in getting this sorted have more text etc to add where you see gaps, but although I speak swedish I am crap at writing it. Had thought of some descriptive text beside each picturebox from the picture links on the first page to explain about Gärdsgård or Potatislandet etc

All the best,